As you all know how important it is to document your little ones growth I thought I would share another development post with you!

Samuel now has his own fan club, many of you come to my sessions after researching me and the children I have documented since they were teeny tiny. Samuel has had his photographs taken by me since he was 4 months old, together me and his lovely parents have watched him grow and his personality blossom into a cheeky little toddler.
I spend a lot of time with his family and Samuel now knows exactly who I am which helps to show his personality in the photographs. If your little one is shy bringing them to different studio sessions including the cake smash shows them playing and having fun, this brings out their personality as they are distracted from the surroundings. Samuel has such fun every time he sees me he now cackles to himself which I find so heartwarming.  

You can see in the images below all the fun we have in the studio: