Cake Smash 2017!

This year the number of cake smash bookings has tripled, from the first week of January my inbox has been going crazy! 

Thank you all my lovelies and a special treat for you all here is a brand new shiny cake smash package to add to your experience and keep for your memory box:

GoPro video recording!
This is footage for you to keep of your entire cake smash! This means not only do you get the 25 images you also get the entire footage of your little ones experience.
This is something that all parents can get involved in as I know how much Dads love a gadget, whilst your little one is smashing up their cake Dad, Mum, Nan, Sibling or whoever is lucky enough to come along for the experience can play around with getting some great angles of the little one. 

This is a little tiny camera that will be hardly visible whilst the shoot is taking place so it can simply sit and film the whole experience without taking the attention from the cake smash.

This is a development that I feel you will all benefit from vastly as you can re live the experience in years to come. When they grow up you can have it playing for them to see and even include it at their Birthday parties for guests to view.

Here is an example from a recent cake smash her Mummy jumped at this opportunity and what fun we had with the whole experience with the GoPro!

Video footage recorded by Annabelle, Mummy and Daddy!