What a fabulous time of year! All my spring new-borns are back for their sitter sessions! Here is beautiful Marnie at 6 weeks new coming back to my studio at a happy 6 months to recreate some of her beautiful images. 
With every photo shoot I like to create something special for each family, the themes are all different and within the new-born themes I use different accessories and props to make you images unique. 
When your little beauties come back for their sitter sessions I love following their newborn images so that your wall art flows within your home. 
It was a delight having Marnie back, as a newborn she was the princess of sleeping, for the full three hours she didn't stir so me and Amanda were able to play around with so many different poses and props. At six weeks we got all the smiles, cheeky giggles and of course lots of dribbles! 
This is a story that you only get one chance to capture! I'm so lucky to be such a big part of Marnie's story! 

Thank you Marnie's beautiful parents! <3