Beautiful Miss E. Daughter of Jay Barth Wedding Photography!

Over the last week I had the honour of taking a lovely couples new-born photographs. This was a very special session because not only was their darling Daughter modelling my new props but her Mummy and Daddy are also Wedding photographers!

Each photographer specialises in a few areas. I specialise in Fashion, New-born and Cake Smashes. This little ones parents approached me personally as for them new-born photography is something they weren't familiar with and they wanted someone who understood the details behind new-born sittings. This was such a lovely experience as most photographers are very private when it comes to being sociable with others within a similar industry.  

Eleanor is a little beauty and it was such a lovely environment exploring my new props with her Mummy and Daddy, with their input on what they would like to achieve and the different ways of positioning my new props we got the perfect photographs that I know her family will cherish forever.

None of which could have been accomplished without the best help from our new-born poser Amanda alongside helping to get the best results possible from little Eleanor. 

Whilst Jay and Charlotte were in the studio we got to mix and match our equipment together, and as they are Wedding photographers you should see the beautiful lenses and cameras that they brought along!  I got to play with the next camera that I want to buy and it simply was made for my lens! 

This has got to be one of the best photography collaborative projects so far and I cannot wait for the next! If you specialise in one area it is such a good idea to come along to a friend that has their own props and backdrops along with an experienced team. I am so excited to introduce Eleanor Barth to my clients and followers along with showing off her portfolio of new-born photographs! I look forward to your next session little beauty and a massive thank you to your Mummy and Daddy for choosing me to take such precious photographs for them. 

Please check out their Wedding website anyone Hampshire way they really are a fantastic couple who will give you the best experience on your special day: