Introducing Amanda!

Everyone (who hasn't yet) meet Amanda the newborn whisperer! 
As my brand and studio is developing, the desire for new born portraits are becoming more popular.
I decided that to get the best experience from your new-born session and to get the best results from the final images it takes teamwork from myself and Amanda, so you can sit back and watch the captivating experience.
The early days of bringing your new-born home is daunting and exciting all mixed together being one of the most incredible experiences for every new family.
Together myself and Amanda help capture these extremely special moments of your new chapter a memorable experience with images to treasure of your little tiny bundle forever.
So far with us working together we have had phenomenal feedback from all our clients and their families. 
Amanda has vast experience in handling new-borns, the health in safety in placing them into the props along with getting them into deep sleeps, which ables us to get the lovely sleepy photographs that show your new-born angelic and tranquil as they naturally are.
I want to say a massive thank you from myself and all my clients that have met you since October last year, you have helped develop my brand further fulfilled so many new parents.
You are amazing and an inspiration!