Darcie is Four!

Get ready for a beauty overload! Darcie Ella is four! This little beauty inspired me to start my own business from the first chance we got to capture her until now she has rocked ever photo shoot and absolutely loves her studio and location time. 
From the early hours of the morning until her studio slot on the morning of her fourth cake smash, Darcie was telling her Mummy to hurry to the studio its time for her photos!
Darcie has grown into such a delightful little girl who's personality shines through in her photographs. A little lady who is so precious and takes great care of the studio, helping to tidy and clean any mess.
Near to the end of Darcie's cake smash we put her new favourite band on Little Mix and all had a laugh and a dance along to the music!
Coming to the studio is a special day out for Darcie, she enjoys every moment and now she is growing she even helps display the props and creates her own poses including a few from her ballet class!
If it wasn't for Darcie Annabelle Smith Photography would not have exist and there wouldn't be a studio.
Darcie is such an inspirational little girl who has such an incredible portfolio her Mummy is so proud of the images we create and always struggles to pick the photographs!

So can we all please wish this beautiful little girlie a very Happy Birthday!
She loved her cake smash and the boho chic feel we created for the occasion. 

Have a look through the slideshow of photographs and below is a photo from each year! 1st-4th cake smash!

First-Fourth cake smash!

Darcie aged 4.jpg

Just a few photographs from some of Darcie's photo shoots: