New born Art Work

Behind the scenes and the work before and after your session.

Before you arrive we email, phone or text discussing your photo shoot and dates to ensure you have plenty of flexibility in order to capture your new born between their first 5-14 days.
This process can take a while in order to get the art work that you desire on the day of your session.

Monthly I order new handmade outfits, props backdrops or bean bag fabrics so that there is a variation in all my clients photographs, these are all ordered from the finest newborn suppliers and are designers that I found and researched by attending shows and events to ensure your newborn is completely comfortable and safe during the session along with looking absolutely gorgeous. Deposits cover these costs along with paying my newborn poser Amanda, upkeep of PR, my website and Social media.

Before you arrive I spend time setting up and arranging everything so it's ready to avoid delays during your session, this involves washing, ironing, heating the studio to the correct temperature to ensure you and your newborn have the perfect session in the best surroundings. 

During your session Myself and Amanda use the four hour session to create your art work, I take creative control and direction to ensure we use the time efficiently to get all the images you desire. Whilst Amanda takes the lead with settling your baby into a deep sleep and posing them on the props, bean bag and being the watcher while they are on these. This is your time to sit back and relax so feel free to bring a book or something to entertain yourself while your art work is being created. We may stop for a few feeds during your session it all depends on how settled your baby is. 

After your photo shoot I will spend around 4-5 hours creating your gallery this includes, retouching, composing images such as the moon and dreamcatcher to look like the examples you have seen as they get photographed in a safe way then edited to look like the art work you desire. I then compose an email including all the details with your gallery and how to order your wall art and extra digital downloads.

Over the last month Amanda and I have been working on a small revamp with the new born process and the overall image of the brand and it has had amazing reviews, we have a new logo, watermark, and extension on the session time and we have removed the packages and created one set session fee with digital downloads this has drawn more clients in and we are very pleased with the new look and comments.

Here are some gorgeous images with one of my regular clients second baby: