Annabelle Smith Photography is most know in Walton on Thames for cake smashes! This is the most fun you can get out of a studio session!
So what is more fun then being covered in cake, having a great time and getting it all captured on camera? Absolutely nothing! Here are some themed cake smashes that are brand new and add even more excitement to the already stimulating session. A cake smash is a necessity for a first Birthday or any Birthday to document your child's growth and here is why:

*Please note some of the children above are wearing their own outfits. Contact me  for the costumes provided at the studio.

Cake Smash:

(£140 for free from cake smash)

-Cake (Large Sized.)* Personalised cake with your little ones name on available


-Balloons including two helium balloons on a display

-Choice of backdrop suitable for cake smash-
1. Lavender
2. Pink Cake
3. Gold Sparkle
4. Super Hero
5. Light Brown
6. Toy Story
7. Original Pink
8. Original Blue
9. White


-Non messy photographs at the start of the session

-Warm water for cleaning at the end in a bath 

-Four 7x5 prints 

-CD with 20 of your chosen images


Upgrade by £20 and have your child's name on the cake and  freestanding letters, spelling out your Childs name added into the session*


Or go for the Ultimate Cake Smash Package  which includes: The cake smash, the entire session recorded onto a Dvd and the personalised cake and freestanding letters!


1. Make it your own!
I have a fantastic imagination and I bet you do also! If there is something special you would like your session based around feel free to ask, I love creating something new I just need a bit of extra notice.

2. We are all going to get messy! There is no getting out of it, yes even you Daddy no hiding.
 So your little one is going to be covered in cake and is most likely going to want to give you some cake and even a cake covered hug (trust me they all love to share there cake with mummy, daddy and even their big siblings) This is unavoidable and very funny I always end up getting cake on me during the sessions, you will need to prepare for this so please keep your dry clean only Sunday best clothes at home! 

3. Some little ones need help understanding their giant cupcake (it is nearly the same size as them)
You have booked them in for an exciting cake smash! You expect them to dive in and throw it everywhere! This is the case for most little ones however, if they have never eaten cake before this is a new experience and sometimes they need us to give them a helping hand. No mater what I am able to capture there experience and get some cute images of them inspecting the cake and delicately taking the cake apart. A favourite song or toy always helps if your little one is shy.

*Our standard cakes are usually giant cupcakes homemade and are not personalised but are chosen to match the colour scheme selected colour frosting and white icing for the base of the cake.  The freestanding letters are not something that can be taken home they remain in the studio.