The only way to showcase your beautiful photographs is by displaying them within your home. Thank you for choosing me to create your home artwork, I have selected some amazing suppliers that use the finest materials and inks to show off your portraits. All of the products are bespoke and can be designed together in the studio. I am always available to help with sizes and colour schemes to match your house, it is always best to design your photoshoot around the colours that suit the room you wish to display these works of art in.

USB Display Box
These are beautifully presented by such a lovely company. You get a choice of three images to place on the front, back and inside cover. Another option is placing a lovely landscape image across the front and back similar to my example! The USB can be engraved on both side. This USB is lovely way to store all your studio photographs on, you can bring it along to all your photo sessions and I can add your new photos on.
Other formats and sizes are  available 

Presentation Box and Photo Album
These are produced by the same beautiful company that produce the USB holders. These are my most customisable product, there are endless options for your product design. The luxurious padded box secures your album and is simply beautiful. These can come in three different sizes this one is 30cm x 30cm with 20 pages and the inside cover fabric is selected to look like pages of a book.
£400  or £450 which includes the USB set
Smaller and bigger sizes are available


Floating block with 9 removable blocks each block is 6x6 and the full size is 23 x 19 inches
This is an extremely useful product as it gives you the function of changing your wall art continuously. The images can be easily removed and placed in a different arrangement, you also have the option of purchasing more blocks in the future to update your look. The spare blocks can be stacked at your desk the same way as block prints. The backing colour is your choice, I would recommend a colour that works with the interior of tour chosen room. 
Price: £250
One size only    


Name grid
This is a perfect product for any room in the house, I personally would recommend displaying this one in your little ones room. These blocks are not removable it is a complete image representing your little one(s). You can select your colour backing and your images, here in my example I decided to use the soft brown backdrop colour to show you a more subtle look that you can use against most wall colours. This is such a keepsake piece and one of my most popular items already!
As your child grows they will recognise themselves, and overtime they will learn to read their name which is beautifully presented and the bottom.
Price- £175
One size


Embellished or non embellished canvas 12x16  with 1.5 edge
This a such an iconic piece to have displayed within your home, this is something I would recommend to any family. I have this displayed within my studio and it brings me such joy every time I see this image on such a large scale. The embellishments enhance the image and are matched to suit your image. This is simply a must have and are produced by a beautiful english brand
 Price- £150

Other sizes are available

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6x4- £10.00      7x5- £15.00     10x8- £19 12x10- £23        18x12- £30